Star Bend Setback Levee and Habitat Enhancement Project

The Star Bend Setback Levee was constructed in 2009 by Levee District 1 in advance of SBFCA’s flood risk reduction projects. The 3,300 foot-long levee, which provides both flood risk reduction and environmental benefits, was later integrated into SBFCA’s Feather River West Levee Project 1. The levee begins at the intersection of Star Bend Road and the Feather River levee (Levee Mile 4.50) and continues south to the approximate intersection of Tudor Road and the Feather River levee (Levee Mile 3.75). It was designed to provide 200-year flood protection.

Document Title Format Size
  Engineer’s Report PDF 7MB
  Engineer’s Response to IPE Report PDF 88kB
  Report from Independent Panel of Experts (IPE) PDF 1MB
  01 – Basis of Design PDF 104kB
  02 – H&H Analysis PDF 13MB
  03 – DWSE Profiles FRWL PDF 21MB
  04 – Soil Sampling Testing & Logging PDF 271kB
  05 – Slope Stability Evaluation PDF 500kB
  06 – Underseepage Evaluation PDF 515kB
  07 – Seismic Vulnerability Evaluation PDF 443kB
  09 – SBSL Addendum No. 1 to GR PDF 5MB
  10 – SBSL Geotech Report PDF 14MB
  11 – Land Acquisition Plan PDF 916kB
  12 – Vegetation Monitoring Plan PDF 37MB
  13 – Superintendent’s Guide to O&M PDF 2MB
  14 – Inspection Report 2015 PDF 84MB
  15 – Wind Setup & Wave Run Up TM PDF 7MB
  16 – LD1 Flood Safety Plan 17_OM_Manual_Star_Bend PDF 6MB
  17 – OM Manual Star Bend PDF 72kB
  18 – TWMC O&M Manual PDF 12MB
  19 – TMWC BOD 9-10 PDF 10MB